Down memory lane.

I walked down the street where we played in the rain and had the best of times.

I went down to the place where we talked until sunset back in ’98.

I returned to the place where we met, when I was a little too scared to show you who I was.

I pictured the two of us by the ocean where the coolest breeze blew and we sat for endless hours having pointless conversations about the things we never knew.

We thought we’d one day have it all.

I remembered how we were bold and young and never afraid to make mistakes, oh what a picture of perfection.

I went back to the park, where we had our picnics in the summer and enjoyed all the colours of Autumn.

I had a picture of you in my mind, I painted a picture of us by the fireplace in the coldest winters.

I remember all of it just like it was yesterday, the sunshine and the rain, the laughter and pain.

I remember all of it, as I stand here with this flowers in my hand and you lie here in silence.

Won’t ever hear from you, but it was great having to go down memory lane.


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