Sounds of yesterday.

The wind is blowing a cool breeze, on a cold winters day, I’m sitting outside waiting for people that may or may never come, but I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. This is not an unfamiliar feeling, I’ve confronted it before, on several occassions, I’ve been burdened with guilt before.

Having no idea why, it’s almost as if time came to a stand still.

I can hear the sounds of birds in the trees in the distance, and the trees play a sweet, sweet melody as they are blown by the wind.

I’m awake but still falling asleep, as my own thoughts drive me to insanity. The sun’s come out, yet all I see around me is darkness.

I’ve still got a little faith left in me, I’m still hoping for the best in a moment were all hope seems to be lost.

And as I reflect on all my years thus far, I’m clinging to the promising sounds of yesterday and eagerly waiting on the future as I venture into the unknown.


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