As she walks her path

She might not be perfect, but atleast she tried……

She tried.

She gave it her best, expecting the worst.

If she failed, she knew that

She was never meant to be perfect.

She’s clothed in dignity and pride,

and she wears her imperfections with an almost unbelievable smile.

She’s a work in progress.

She doesn’t have it all.

And she doesn’t always have the unswers, but she trusts in the process.

She doesn’t always find peace in the world, but she finds it from within.

She has seen the world at it’s worst, but yet has faith in humanity.

She believes in the emergence of order from chaos,

in a world so broken that can one day be filled with

kindness, love, compassion and a genuine desire for generosity.

She clinks into hope. The hope that one day the world will change.

As she ventures into the unkown, she remembers to take her faith with her.

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