For those that didn’t make it to this day.

Every sunrise reminds us of what once was, and that which is no more, yet life goes on whether you’re holding on or simply trying not to let go of everything. Whether you’re living with regrets or constantly being reminded of what a total failure you’re.  whether you part of the haves or the have-nots, it is simply in our human nature to push forward, to keep going even after being defeated, to believe in the good even after having seen the world at it’s worst and to expect the light after the dark.

Most of us are lucky to have made it to this today, because others didn’t make it to this day, yet there are a few that will argue that, and that’s okay, so long as the facts remain facts. Some of us have come to accept that those that were once with  us are no more, a sad reality, but, here’s to those who have left us. We know you’ve fought a brave battle and we will continue to fight for you.

We’ll keep the memories alive and remember to never forget you were here…

For those who have given  their lives so that we could live ours, we’ll forever remain grateful to you, even if you may not know this…

At the dawn of every new day we remember  to open our hearts to those that may need us, like you always did, and dusk we’ll keep the light on by the door to let you that you’re always welcome and that this will always be home.

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